PanAfGeo project: Enhancing Geoscientific Capacities in Africa


The PanAfGeo project helps African Geological Surveys by providing training that focuses on developing both technical and professional skills. The goal is to enhance the abilities of African geoscientific staff through an innovative training program.

The project is a collaboration between the EuroGeoSurveys (EGS) and the Organisation of African Geological Surveys (OAGS), with co-funding from the European Union. And the participating European Geological Surveys The project covers the entire African continent and is implemented through a consortium led by the French Geological Survey (BRGM). 

PanAfGeo improves georesources governance in Africa by supporting capacity building at political, institutional, and technical levels. It focuses on countries with mineral resources and involves senior geoscientists and leaders to boost Africa-EU synergies.  

The PanAfGeo project focuses on three main areas: training, infrastructure, and networking. 

The training 

The training component provides opportunities for African geoscientists to receive high-quality training in a range of geoscientific disciplines, including geology, geophysics, geochemistry, and mineral resource assessment. The training is delivered by experienced European geoscientists and covers both theoretical and practical aspects of geoscientific work. To date, the project has provided training to more than 1 400 African geoscientists, with a focus on developing their practical skills and knowledge. 

The infrastructure 

The infrastructure component of the project aims to enhance the geoscientific infrastructure in Africa by providing equipment, software, and other resources that are necessary for conducting high-quality geoscientific research.  

The networking 

The networking component of the project facilitates the exchange of knowledge and experience between African and European geoscientists, with the aim of promoting collaboration and cooperation between the two continents. During the PanAfGeo trainings, there are more teachers from Africa than from Europe. 

Another important aspect of the project is the “twinning” between EGS and OAGS in order to contribute to the good governance of the mineral resources of the continent. 

The PanAfGeo project has already made significant progress in enhancing geoscientific capacities in Africa. By providing training, infrastructure, and networking opportunities, the project has enhanced the capabilities to conduct geoscientific research and development in Africa, and it is creating opportunities for African geoscientists to contribute to the global scientific community and to improve the natural resources management by African experts.  

Together, the PanAfGeo and AfricaMaVal projects create more opportunities for African geoscientists to foster Africa-EU synergies on critical raw materials. The AfricaMaVal project complements the PanAfGeo project by enhancing networking opportunities and strengthening responsible partnerships. Overall, AfricaMaVal and PanAfGeo are making a lasting contribution to ensuring responsible global georesources governance.  

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