Building EU-Africa partnerships
on sustainable raw materials value chain

Securing the access to raw materials represents a critical issue for the European ambition to deliver the Green Deal and perform the energy and digital twin transition. AfricaMaVal aims to build an EU and Africa business networking on the whole CRM value chains.

AfricaMaVal is a 42-month project gathering 18 partners from 11 countries. It is coordinated by BRGM, the French Geological Survey. The consortium gathers African and European experienced organisations, associations, and networks deeply anchored and involved in the raw material domain with specific expertise, and knowledge.


project Objectives

Building an EU and Africa business networking on the whole CRM value chains.

Developing a strategy for the integration of identified and emerging EU and African raw materials value chains for the energy and digital transition.

Assessing responsible investment opportunities.

news & events

AfricaMaVal Kicks off its journey in Windhoek.

A New Project Funded By The European Commission Develops EU-Africa Partnerships Ensuring Responsible Sourcing Of Critical Raw Materials For The EU Industry.

Investing in African Mining Indaba

This year, Mining Indaba will be back in its original place in everyone’s calendar on 6-9 February 2023.

The PDAC Convention

Its the leading convention for people, governments, companies and organizations connected to mineral exploration.

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