Launch of the joint Raw Materials Quiz

Critical Raw Materials Week _ Quiz

The Raw Materials Quiz is here!

It’s EU Raw Materials Week! A whole week dedicated to discussions about policies and initiatives in the field of raw materials. For us, it is the opportunity to launch our online Raw Materials For Future Quiz!

This quiz has been created at the initiative of the SCRREEN project, as part of their Raw Materials for Future campaign! It is being launched in partnership with the ION4RAWBIORECOVERAfricaMaval, and PEACOC EU projects, and the PROMETIA Association.

The quiz poses a series of questions on topics such as the criticality of raw materials, the most  demanded raw materials or the importance of sustainably extracting and recycling such materials.

The quiz winners will receive Guillaume Pitron’s book “The Rare Metals War: the dark side of clean energy and digital technologies” as a prize.

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A joint initiative…

AfricaMaVal aims at building EU-Africa Partnerships to ensure sustainable raw materials value chains.

Aims to support the European CRM strategy and bring expert advice to assist decision-making at the EU level covering all the raw materials and their value chains screened in the CRMs 2020 assessment.

ION4RAW proposes an innovative and sustainable solution, using an environmentally benign solvents combined with an electrochemical method, to recover minerals present in waste mineral deposits.

Development of an innovative sustainable strategy for the selective biorecovery of critical raw materials from primary and secondary sources.

PROMETIA is an international non-profit association promoting innovation in mineral processing and extractive metallurgy for mining and recycling of raw materials, with the mission of making raw materials accessible for European industries and citizens.

PEACOC is a Pre-commercial pilot for the efficient recovery of Precious Metals such as gold, silver, Platinum Group Metals from European end of life resources with novel low-cost technologies.

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